I have the immense honour of being asked to sit on the cabinet for Environmental Defense’s latest campaign Just Beautiful. I am blushing with excitement and flattery. To sit at the same table as Sarah Harmer (Co-Chair), Ray Civello, Brian Phillips, Lisa Borden and several others is amazing; and to do it for such an important reason is inspiring.

Environmental Defense are the same people who shone the spotlight on BPA and got it banned in baby bottles. Their next step is to test for harmful substances in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc. and publicly report on their findings. Then, they will push the Canadian government to make companies adhere to stricter safety standards and fully disclose what is in their products.

What is not too like about that? And it is about time.

The Europeans have proven that there are better and safer ways of making these products, so there’s a blueprint to follow. The timing is perfect for change –recently, the Canadian government has announced its intention to modernise the Cosmetic Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act. This move provides us with an excellent opportunity to ensure that the government enacts powerful legislation to ban harmful substances and require complete disclosure of all ingredients before these products reach Canadian store shelves.

You can bet you will be hearing a whole lot about this in the weeks and months to come.

Be beautiful. Feel good about it.