Recently, I had the pleasure and privilege to attend Canada’s first Eco Fashion Week (EWF) in Vancouver. It was an amazing week of brilliant designers, compelling speakers and amazing people in general (see coverage of the runway shows at EFW at Bamboo Magazine).

Aveda was the title sponsor. This is Ray and I at the opening night party.

Ray Civello, President of Aveda Canada and Donna

I left really inspired. Well, first I was depressed. I am a self proclaimed clothes horse. I love clothing. Love it. However, the fashion industry is one of the leading (top 10!) producers of water pollutants worldwide. It also generates massive amounts of waste – be it fabric, toxic dyes or clothing that goes unpurchased.

Sigh. How can I satisfy my craving for clothing and shoes while not contributing to the problem (here is where the inspiration came in)?

I am making a Green Beauty Style Pledge.  I pledge that over the next year I will not buy any clothing, shoes, accessories or outerwear for myself unless it is one of the following:

  • Purchased at a consignment or vintage retailer
  • Produced by a designer using sustainable fabrics (such as organic cotton, Tencel, organic hemp, etc.)
  • Produced by a designers using sustainable practices (such as turning old leather coats into handbags, or taking an old dress and transforming it into a more modern version a la Preloved)

And I will share all the juicy details. For example, I have been hot for a pair of cute oxford shoes that are all the rage right now. Seriously, I have been looking for a pair since August, but everything reminds me of jazz dance class. That is, until I was in vintage shop Gadabout yesterday.

Check out these puppies.

Donna's new shoes circa 1930

Awesome heel on these "new to me" oxfords

Aren’t they awesome? And they are super comfortable. And they are clearly well made since they are from the 30s.

Want to take the Green Beauty Style Pledge too? Let me know. I will post whenever I make a purchase.

Here’s to making a difference one fashion choice at a time. Every bit helps.

Be beautiful. Feel good about it.